Locked Out? Here’s How to Get Back In

May 23, 2023

Emilio M.

Locked Out in Arizona? Here’s How to Get Back In
Locked Out in Arizona? Here’s How to Get Back In
Locked Out in Arizona? Here’s How to Get Back In
Locked Out in Arizona? Here’s How to Get Back In

What to Do If You Get Locked Out of Your Rental Property in Arizona

Getting locked out of your rental property in Arizona can be a frustrating and stressful experience.

You may wonder what your rights are as a tenant and what steps you can take to get back in and get your property.

In this post, we will explain some of the Arizona laws for tenant rights regarding getting locked out and getting back in,

and how a professional locksmith can help you in such situations.

Arizona Laws for Tenant Rights

According to the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act1, your landlord cannot do the following to restrict your quiet enjoyment of the property:

  • Lock you out without proper court approval or take any of your belongings.

  • Turn off services like electricity, water, or heat—even if your rent is late.

If your landlord does any of these things, you can sue them for damages or get a court order to restore your access and services. You can also cancel the rental agreement and move out.

However, getting locked out by accident or losing your keys, your landlord is not obligated to provide you with a spare key or let you in.

In that case, you have to find another way to get back in.

How to Get Back In

If you get locked out of your rental property, here are some options you can try:

  • Contact your landlord or property manager and ask them if they have a spare key or can let you in. They may charge you a reasonable fee for this service.

  • Contact your roommate, family member, friend, or neighbor who has a spare key or access to the property and ask them to let you in.

  • Contact a professional locksmith who can unlock the door for you. You will have to pay for this service yourself, but it may be faster and safer than trying to break in yourself.

Avoid Getting Locked Out

To avoid getting locked out of your rental property in the future, here are some tips you can follow:

How Speedway Locksmith Can Help You

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